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To kill a mockingbird

             In the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout had many different relationships, some being pleasant, and others being adverse. Scout was very short tempered, or so it seemed, if you made her mad, she was sure to tell you, or "beat you up," other than that, she was very kind and courteous to everyone she encountered. The first relationship I want to talk about is with her brother Jem. In the beginning of the book, Jem and Scout were very close; they did pretty much everything together during the summers. Whenever Scout would get in trouble in school, Jem would always be there to listen to what she would say, and he would tell her why she got in trouble and try to help her understand why, just like a big brother should, he looked out for her and tried to do what he could to make sure she was happy, for instance whenever Scout first starts school, she is ahead of all the other students, because Atticus had read to her, and had her read to him, this makes the teacher angry, so she makes Scout feel guilty about being educated. At Lunchtime, she complains to Jem about what had happened, and Jem tells her that the teacher is just trying out a new teaching method, and that she should just try her best. Later that afternoon, Scout is hit with a ruler because she tries to explain to the teacher about Walter Cunningham's misfortune, and how he will never be able to pay her back, she tells this to Atticus and Jem, and they try to make her feel better about what had happened. Their relationship is strong, but whenever Dill emerges their relationship slowly debilitates. Dill was first of all, a boy, and second of all, had more in common with Jem then Scout did. This angers Scout, and she becomes a little bit jealous of Dill's relationship with Jem. .
             Then there's the relationship with Calpurnia, she's a black woman, and she is the housekeeper. Calpurnia is the mother figure to Scout, and tries to make her as lady-like as she can; however, she isn't very successful because Scout acts like a boy most of the time.

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