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The Tragedy of Ignorance

             The Tragedy of Ignorance.
             Twenty years ago a tragedy was developing in a small community that .
             would probably have been avoided today. An intelligent, loving, and caring .
             woman started to exhibit strange behaviors. She was a wonderful wife and mother, .
             who was active in her community. Her appearance started to drastically change. .
             Her friends could tell that she wasn't taking a bath or washing her hair. The caring .
             mother of three began to ignore her children. The changes were slow in .
             happening, but eventually her friends became concerned that Barbara might have .
             some kind of mental illness and voiced their concerns to her husband. Joe, her .
             husband did not believe that there was such a thing as mental illness and said .
             that she would snap out of it. Her decline continued but her husband ignored the .
             signs even though her mother had been diagnosed with schizophrenia years .
             earlier. .
             She began to speak about the devil and the numbers 666.Barbara felt like .
             the devil was taking over the world. She would not buy anything that contained .
             the number six anywhere on it or on its label. She became obsessed with the anti-.
             Christ, wondering who he was and when he would be found. Barbara's family and .
             friends could see that she was in trouble, but Joe and his family insisted that she .
             was alright and that she didn't have any mental problems. She continued to drive .
             her car even when it was obvious that she was not completely aware of what she .
             was doing. On an errand for her husband, she ran a stop sign and hit another car .
             broadside, injuring the driver, who happened to be her father returning home .
             from work. Her father was brought to a local hospital with a ruptured spline. He .
             had been an alcoholic for years and his liver was not able to assume the work of .
             the spline, and he died two days after the accident. Now she was faced with this .
             horror as well as the mental illness.

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