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Relations to Frye

             The points Frye makes about literature and the imagination are all very true, and can be seen everywhere all the time. Even the most unseemly of stories contain many of the elements that Frye has outlined in his book "The Educated Imagination". The three stories "Who Needs It?" "The Rain Came" and "The Dead Child" will help to show that this is true. While they are merely random stories from different cultures, they all have significant literary and social aspects to them. In the following, they will be looked at using several of Frye's concepts, including: (1) A literary education enriches the world of the imagination, which expands the horizon of belief and makes it more tolerant and efficient. (2) The world of literature has no reality except that of the imagination, yet it can remind us vividly of the life we know. (3) The constructs of the human imagination tell us things about life that we can't get any other way. (4) The imagination gives us a greater dimension of experience than we may gather in life. It is two dreams: (a) a wish fulfillment (b) an anxiety dream. (5) Not only is the imagination the basis of the associative language used in literature, but also what our whole social life is based on.
             Our society is filled with assumptions and expectations. We assume that if some people behave in this manner, then others will follow suit. We expect people to do certain things in certain situations. The short story "Who Needs It?" by Vilas Manivat, shows that not all people follow the conventions of our society or the roles laid out in it. In reality, it's very doubtful that the situation in the story would be feasible. The gunman would probably never hand over his weapon, leave the money, or for that matter, vow to become a better person. Despite all of these howling inconsistencies with the real world we live in, robberies and hold-ups do happen on a daily basis, and this story reminds us of this fact, which can easily be forgotten and taken for granted.

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