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To Kill A Mockingbird

             The book To Kill A Mockingbird is set in Maycomb, Alabama. Most of this book is set in and around the Finch house. Some of it is also set in the courtroom. The book is also written in a time when people were very prejudice and racist.
             The protagonist in this book would be Atticus. He did not really have to defend Tom Robinson but he did. He was also the protagonist because he had to put up with the townspeople and how they treated him, which wasn't always great.
             The antagonist in this book would be the most of the white townspeople. They were the antagonists in this book because they did not think that Atticus should defend a black man. One white townsperson who wasn't racist would have to be Jem.
             One conflict Atticus had was with the townspeople because they were racist and did not think that a white man should stand up for a black man. Another conflict that Atticus had was that he knew that even though he would not win his case in court he was going to try anyways. .
             One major theme in this book would have to be racism. Most of the white townspeople did not like black people too much and most of the reason for this would have to be because of time when the book was placed. Another theme in this book would be courage. Atticus showed a lot of courage for defending a black man. Also because he knew that he wasn't going to win his case but still tried anyways. .
             I think that To Kill A Mockingbird was a good book. First of all this book shows how some people acted back in the day and their views on such things such as racism and their prejudices. One example of this would be how some of the white people in the town openly showed and told others that that did not like people that are a certain race. Another reason why this was a good book was because it did not have some "happily ever after endings" were everything turns out all good.

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