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Spider and Rose

            The film 'Spider and Rose' by Bill Bennett has both characters and ideas that make a strong impression. The composer uses the characters Spider and Rose to highlight the main idea of friendship through the character's action, dialogue, and reactions to situations. The viewer becomes familiar with the underlying ideas. The strong use of symbols, both visual and musical and the camera use are also highlighting other interesting qualities.
             Both Spider and Rose's relationship toward one another is a complex, changing one. They are both strong characters, which is what made a huge impression. They begin with a mutual and instant dislike, but despite their differences they end up as intimate friends, which gives us the idea of friendship.
             On Spider and Rose's journey together they find they have common grounds and the experiences undergone by them make them realize their bond.
             Even from the beginning of the movie we understand the personalities of the two characters. They both stand for their beliefs and feel the need for the upper hand.
             However, upon their first meeting, a spontaneous disliking for each other occurs; which when you think about it is normally the case for some friendships. The composer uses many techniques to show us this, one of them being dialogue.
             When the character Spider addresses his leading counterpart Rose, he calls her "lady", which shows us he doesn't think of her as being alive or just another one of his patients that he drives home in his ambulance vehicle. The same technique is used from Rose; she calls him "cockroach", which is degrading for Spider to be called a pest.
             Another technique used to convey the friendship between Spider and Rose is the use of different camera. shots. The camera plays a large part in showing the hatred or love two people have for characters; in this case, for Rose and Spider. It is used in various different ways to share this.
             When the two characters first meet, the camera is used to show us Spider through the eyes of Rose.

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