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Surviving an Earthquake

             An earthquake is vibrations in the earth's crust causing the ground to shake. California registers one every 20 minutes; however, almost eighty percent of them are unnoticed by a human being. But, every time a big one hits, people in general don't know what to do or how to react to it. That's why every person who lives in San Diego should know the two main procedures to follow in case of seismic activity.
             One of the most common scenarios is while inside of a building. Generally people experience tremors while being in the house or work, in this case the first thing and most important one is to remember to stay calm. By achieving this all the following steps will be easier to remember and to do. Next, find a door or a table and position yourself under it. This will protect you against any object that may fall form the ceiling. When the quake is over, walk straight to the exit and wait outside for at least ten minutes, once everything is calm return to your activities.
             Another type of situation is, while walking on the street. Many people think that while walking nothing wrong can happen. Unfortunately, they are wrong, you should always be alert of your surroundings and care about your safety. First of all if you are on a street with building and electricity poles, you should immediately go to the middle of the street and wait there until the trembling is over. If you are on a park the first thing you must do is look for a place with no trees around you and wait there until is over. Following this easy step will assure your safety in these circumstances.
             It is clear, that experiencing a strong earthquake at your house, office, or even at the park, can be a shocking and dangerous experience for anyone. That is why you should stay calm and follow these easy procedures during those moments. Nature can give us surprises at any moment, but if we are prepared, these experiences will never become tragedies.

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