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National Multiple Sclerosis So

             Multiple sclerosis is defined ad an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in which infiltrating lymphocytes, predominately T cells and macrothades, degrade the myelin sheath of the nerves. Simply put, the disease makes the muscles of the body non-responsive to nerve impulses from the brain. Therefore, the muscle does not work correctly.
             Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in the past could not function as normal part of society, because of buildings not being equipped for easy mobilization of the person with the disease. Sometimes a person with Multiple Sclerosis could not even enter a building. In the present, these very same sufferers can get almost anywhere they want to go. Schools now have programs and classes for the physically handicapped so they to can experience the school atmosphere and interact with other people with the same handicap. Most important, interaction with students that do not have the disease. .
             Programs or events that are offered to people with Multiple Sclerosis. For example, in 1975, an event was established attracting major popular sports figures. This program was called Athletes vs. M.S. Program. This activity created nationwide publicity for the NMSS, or National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Also, garden related activities were conducted through the cooperation of the National Council of State Garden Clubs. Finally, the NMSS developed anther home care course for patients and published Independent Living for the Handicapped, which continued its efforts for affirmative action to hire the handicapped. Of course, these are only a few services and programs!.
             FUNDING SOURCES:.
             The NMSS receives donations from people and companies all over the world. In 1961, the President's committee on Fund Raising within the Federal Service held a donation rally resulting in about $3.3 million to improve service to patients. In 1975, Ray A.

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