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resource allocation healthcare

             Resource allocation: Changing the Face of Health Care in the United States.
             Healthcare resources utilization, could the United States develop a more efficient system? If the Government and the Private Sector working to work together all Americans could have quality, affordable and access. By decreasing the number of agencies, combining and/or removing unnecessary and redundant, involved the system it could be streamlined helping to funneling most the dollars into actual patient care, reemphasizing the patient the true focus.
             Utilizing Healthcare Resources.
             In the modern, idealistic, politically correct, self righteous society that is America we are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to meeting the basic needs of our own society, currently a large segment of Americans do not have access to quality healthcare services and some Americans to none. Some have basic services, work full time but when major illness strikes what little they have accumulated evaporates in the flash that is the cost of healthcare. Should not all Americans have access to quality healthcare? Government, the Federal, should step up to the proverbial plate taking a leadership role in the U.S. Health care system. Available delivery of quality healthcare should be of primary concern. This is not only true because it is humane, the right thing, but for economical advantages. The economy is dependant on a, if not happy, at least a healthy work force. This has been studied ad nauseam by big business looking for ways to increase productivity. In the past physicians have been collectively against government involvement in health care, clamming no big government it will ruin our healthcare system. The loss of control i.e. treatment options, by physicians to Insurance Companies, is a small part of the frustration felt by not only physicians but patients and there families. Physicians also face rapidly falling reimbursements and increasing costs of practice, i.

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