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Assassination of MLK Jr

             There are several explanations revolving around Martin Luther King, Jr. The events surrounding King's death remain controversial to this day, nearly 30 years after the fact. But perhaps more controversial than the facts of the case itself is the lack of the continued public outrage over the poor investigation and conflicting evidence regarding the assassination.
             At 6:01 on April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was ready to leave his hotel to get dinner. He leaned over his railing to speak with his chauffeur and was shot by a high-powered rifle. King immediately fell to the concrete floor, where he lay dying. An aide then pointed to the window of Bessie Brewer's boarding house where allegedly James Earl Ray fired the shot. However, a lot of things doubt this explanation. For instance, Ray had a poor shot in the Army. Also, the bullet recovered from King's body has not been effectively tested and has not been proven to match Ray's alleged murder weapon. Only one witness claimed to have seen Ray leaving the boarding house bathroom, a man named Charles Stephens. According to two other sources, Stephens was extremely drunk at the time. Two other witnesses saw someone leaving the boarding house bathroom. One witness, Bessie Brewer, the owner of the boarding house, could not identify the individual and refused to identify Ray as the man she had rented a room to. .
             Two minutes after the shot was fired, a bundle containing the 30.06 Remington rifle allegedly used in the assassination and some of Ray's belongings were found in the doorway of the Canipe Amusement Company, next door to the boarding house. Ray would have had to fire the shot from his position in the bathroom, exit, go to his room to collect his belongings, thenwrap and tie it all in a bundle. He then would have had to leave his room, run down the stairs and out of the boarding house, stash the bundle next door, and get away from the scene unnoticed all within two minutes.

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