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A Torn Love an Essay Of Romeo

            Romeo and Juliet~ A Torn Love .
             "My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown and known too late!" The Tragedy of Rome and Juliet. It is a tragic story about two young lovers who come from feuding families. They secretly love each other and must sneak around to be with each other. They get married but they can't tell anyone. Friar Lawrence tries to help them to be together but in the end they end up killing themselves to be with each other because of their forbidden love. The decisions and actions of Lord Capulet, Friar Lawrence and Tybalt are what brought about the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. .
             Lord Capulet is a forceful man that must get his own way. Lord Capulet, is ruler of all the Capulet family, he is also Juliet's father. He has a deep grudge with the Montague's, which has caused terrible feuding between the families. The feuding between both families is one of the main reasons Romeo and Juliet cannot be together. Lord Capulet is very over protective of his daughter. He commands her on everything she does. He also forced her to be wed to Paris." But fettle you joints "gainst Thursday next to go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you greensickness carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow-face!" " Hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get to church o" Thursday or never after look me in the face." Juliet did not like the idea of this because she was already married to Romeo. So since Juliet was being forced to be married, she drank the potion, and because of the potion Romeo thought she was dead which caused him to kill himself. As soon as Juliet awoke and found Romeo, dead she also killed herself. .
             Friar Lawrence is a very secretive man. He is very good at hiding things and not telling the complete truth.

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