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the siege

             The Siege is a movie about modern terrorism and the attempts to counter-act the violence by a coalition of groups, including the FBI, CIA, and US Army. Almost frighteningly, the film serves to loosely foreshadow the events of 9-11 even though the movie was filmed a full three years before that horrible tragedy.
             The movie starts with a bomb goes off inside of a crowded metro bus. Luckily, the bomb only sprayed blue paint all over the place, but the message was clear; the terrorists were in control. Enter the FBI's anti-terrorist force, headed by Anthony "Hub" Hubbard. Though they start off on the right foot by getting into the thick of it and asking the right questions, they hit a wall and are unable to advance their investigation.
             Enter the CIA. Unbeknownst to the FBI, the CIA has been monitoring the so-called terrorist "cell" that is responsible for the first bus attack, and is upset that the FBI may interfere with their investigation. Though they are all trying to protect the American citizens, they become horribly ineffective because of the gross lack of communication.
             At this point, another bus is hijacked. This time, the bomb is real, and the threat is real. Unfortunately, the bomb is detonated before the authorities can get the situation resolved. This tragedy is all over the news, and leads the public to become very afraid. Now the CIA and FBI are cooperating on a more successful level, and are able to take out the first "cell" using advanced urban warfare tactics. For example, one of the team members disguises himself as a pizza man and gains entry to an apartment, while a heavily armed squad storms in behind him, guns blazing. .
             Shortly after the first cell is taken out, a bomb is detonated at a Broadway theater, killing many of New York's social elite. This sends the public into frenzy, and confuses the FBI, who thought that the problem had been taken care of. The CIA is not surprised by the attack, because they knew of at least 2 other terrorist cells operating in the city.

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