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Metallica: New vs Old

            In the age of heavy metal, pop music, big hair and synthesizers, Metallica emerged from the depths of Marshall Stacks and big, fat, heavy guitars. There early albums were the cream of the 80's underground speed metal crop. With the quick success of there first allbum (originally titled 'metal up your ass' later changed to 'Kill 'em all' due to record company consership) came hard rocking singles like 'Jump in the fire,' 'motorbreath and 'Hit the Lights.' These songs were about being a rebellious teenager and listening to loud music. with Hetfield's power chord meyham and window shattering vocals, Kirt Hammet's firey solos, Cliff Burton's bass leads, and Lars Ulrichs in your face drumming Metallica was the anti main stream metal band to be reckoned with. There next 1984 record "Ride the lightning" proved more successful with the same style as "kill 'em all"; long, guitar driven songs. lightning produced singles like Creeping Death. There next album was "Master of Puppets" with the smash single of the same name. the 8 minute plus single is what people often think of when the word Metallica is brought up. During a tour follow up of Puppets, Bass player Cliff Burton was killed in a tour bus accidnet. soon after, the band recruited Jason Newstead and started recording the 1988 album .And Justice for All. this flawlessly recorded album would mark the end of Metallica's underground non-main stream approach to metal. The group made there first music video to the smash single 'One.' The band won a Grammy for this album. The addition of producer Bob Rock to the group spawned and album that was the start of 'new metallica' with the self titled, or 'black album.' this album featured much shorter 'radio worthy' songs and produced hits like "enter sandman', 'don't tread on me', 'sad but true, 'the unforgiven,' and 'nothing else matters.' The songs were much more lyrical driven and Hetfields voice was put to the test with amazing results.

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