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david fincher auteur

             Topic Area: David Fincher is seen as a postmodernist in cinema. He achieves his style through the cinematography and mise en scene in his films. I will show how he is rapidly gaining auteur status on his rise through Hollywood. .
             Films chosen to examine: Seven (1995).
             Fight Club (1999).
             Panic Room (2002.
             1. Fight Club DVD, using all special features including set documentaries and commentaries by Stars and Director. (Bought) .
             2. Se7en DVD, using all special features including set documentaries and commentaries by Stars and Director. (Bought).
             3. Panic Room DVD. (Bought).
             4. www.filmguardian.co.uk.
             5. www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp'story=286727.
             6. www.davidfincher.net (a fan site).
             7. www.fightclub.com.
             8. www.panicroom.com.
             9. www.se7enmovie.com.
             10. Sight and sound magazine- Article on the making of Panic Room.
             11. www.slantmagazine.com/film/features/postmodernism.
             12. www.geocities.com/postmoderismincinema.
             13. www.the-buzz.com/fight.htm.
             14. BFI Modern classics - Seven (Richard Dyer).
             15. BBC Radio 4 Interview on Front Row.
             16. www.empireonline.co.uk.
             Whilst researching the work of David Fincher I found that, because he is a very contemporary director, there are not any books or case studies that I could find that have been written about him. So, in the main, I had to refer to a source of constantly changing, ever-updating information, the Internet. I also referred to Ezines to give a wider perspective on his work. .
             I think the DVD commentaries have been the most help in fully understanding David Fincher as a director, in them he tells you exactly why he wanted to do every camera shot and movement in the film, and why there seems to be a pattern in his films.
             I feel that the Idea of using Postmodernism in my study is a good one, although it is a disputed term across the Internet. The reason is because the idea of postmodernism changes as society and, in my case, film progresses, and it draws on many important theories in society other than film.

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