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Grapes of Wrath

             Not only was Grapes of Wrath a terrific literary piece but it was an artistic .
             John Steinbeck could have never predicted the success of what would probably be called his masterpiece Grapes of Wrath. Steinbeck went out to write an honest novel, and created a book that would touch many with the picture that it painted of an era of loss and pain. In his writing Steinbeck used his clear descriptions and strong voice which clearly presented the atmosphere of the time and a creative writing style in writing the book, which makes it fascinating to read.
             As I was reading this novel I kept thinking about how much I viewed the way he was writing this novel as an art form. I play guitar and take my music writing very personal, thriving to create something that hits the inner most emotions yet also to do it in a fresh and creative new way. In order to do this I have to search deep inside myself and use my instinctive creativity and theoretical knowledge to create the most powerful song, and this is how I believe Steinbeck wrote Grapes of Wrath. Steinbeck obviously had to have quite a large amount of knowledge to compose such a novel, but that wasn't what made the book. It was Steinbecks innate way of wording things what made you feel the dust in the air, and the sun burning on your back, and your stomach turning in hunger. When reading this I felt as though I could truly sympathize for these people like I had truly been in their shoes. Steinbeck also used many different literary techniques to portray the whole feeling. The most evident technique he used was his used of plot and intercessory chapters. I only read the first few plot chapters, but by reading those along with the intercessory chapters preceding those I clearly saw how Steinbeck used this technique to paint a clearer picture. In the intercessory chapters Steinbeck tells specific stories which represent events going on in many peoples lives, and they give you either background information or symbolic knowledge to set up the next chapter.

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