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Alen allen

             I can't tell you more, but read the book, and the piece in the last September's Reader's Digest and you"ll know who I really am" (Griffin, 37). In the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin, he tells about his experience as a white man that changes his pigmentation of his skin the be a Negro in the South. John Griffin is a journalist and wants to see how life is different as a black man and how everyone reacts when they see a black man. As Griffin explains, "I decided not to change my name or identity. I would merely change my pigmentation and allow people to draw their own conclusions" (10). John stays as a black man for 6 weeks and when his assignment is over he scrubs his skin back to white. When John goes back home to Texas he gets a lot of hate mail saying that he disowned the white group. Some people wanted to kill John because they didn't believe in what John did and didn't like his choice. John's children and his wife had to move to Mexico because their family was in danger, but John stayed to finish writing his assignment. A lot of whites disown John from the "white race." This is a major example of racism in the South.
             Racism has always existed. Back in the 1800's and 1900's, racism was at its ultimate high. In the 1850's and early 1900's, blacks were used as slaves, and would have to work on the farms, and work around the house for the whites. In 1954, there was a trial called the Brown vs. Board of Education. It made all of the schools that were segregated, desegregate. What happened was that all of the schools did desegregate except for the schools in the South, the heart of racism. In 1955, Rosa Parks, a black woman, stood up for her rights and sat in the white section of the bus and wouldn't get up. Martin Luther King ran a boycott for segregated busses to desegregate. The way he ran the boycott was that the blacks never rode the bus until the bus lines would desegregate.

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