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Maslow's Needs and Comm

             When observing human nature, communication appears to be a perennial aspect of humanity. The way in which one communicates reveals a great deal about a person. More importantly, to acquire a greater understanding of another human being and humanity in general one must look at their motives for communication. The "why?" of communication incorporates the context of the action, which must be understood in order to truly understand the entire spectrum of the communicative act. .
             Communication is the creation of meaning between two or more people. The meaning can be simplistic or extremely complex based on the motive of the communication. Within the realm of communication, there is an extreme correlation between the motive for communication and the complexity or depth of the communication. .
             The motivation for communication is somewhat simplistic. People communicate in order to satisfy needs that are unsatisfied in their lives. It makes rational sense that people are going to try to attain what they lack in their lives. The most efficient way to accomplish attaining these goals is through communication. The old adage of two hands or two minds are better than one is the basic principle for this assertion. If you gain the physical or mental assistance of others, which is sometimes but not necessarily always needed to accomplish these needs, the task will become easier. It is logical to make the assumption that the best way to attain the assistance of another is to communicate with them in order to let them know that they are needed. .
             When looking at the needs of humans, a very accepted and respect theory is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow's theory labels five categories of human needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. The first of the needs must be met in order for a human to be able to move on to working on satisfying the next level of needs, hence the term hierarchy.

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