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             Central character: Tessie Hutchinson seems very enthusiastic participant in the beginning, and who later shows her selfishness by trying to involve in drawing her daughter and son-in-law, so she could have better chances. I think that Tessie Hutchinson is a flat character, but she seems dynamic character because in the beginning she is laughing and in the end she is scared. .
             Other characters: Bill Hutchinson seems very honest and man, who is ready to take his fate. Mr. Summers is roundfaced, jovial man. He runs the coal business and also he is in charge of civil activities such as the square dances, the teenage club, the Halloween programs, and the lottery. Mr. Graves is a postmaster. The Old Man Warner is the oldest man in the village and he is seventy seven years in the lottery. These people seem to be flat and static characters.
             Settings: June 27 around ten o"clock; the village's square, between the post office and the bank.
             Events in summary: 1) On June 26 Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves make up the slips of papers with names of each family. 2) In the morning on June 27, all people of the village gather on the square to play lottery. 3) Mr. Summers brings the papers and the black box which is set in the center of the square. 4) Mrs. Hutchinson, who is late for lottery, comes to the square. 5) Mr. Summers reads the names of families and the head of the family comes to draw the paper. 6) Bill Hutchinson gets the paper with black spot and Tessie Hutchinson stouts that it wasn't fair. 7) Each member of Hutchinson family draws the paper. 8) Tessie Hutchinson gets the paper with the black spot and people stone her to death.
             Tone: Peacefulness and tranquility in what the author describes the story and nervousness among the people that leads the reader to the horror event.
             Irony: The story is written in ironic point of view. First, Mrs. Hutchinson is late because she has to wash the dishes. Then when Hutchinson family gets the black spot and Mrs.

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