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The Lottery

            Why do you choose a literary work to explore? What interests you about it? Out of all of the pieces of American literature that I have read in class, "The Lottery" to me is an exciting story about a cruel tradition. I think it is very interesting placing oneself in this story. How horrible it would be! Can you imagine having a lottery in your hometown? The theme of the story is about one small town and its strong belief in the lottery. The people believe that the lottery is a part of their history, and it must continue year after year. I think that somewhere a long time ago this may have really happened. The author probably read about this, and was amazed, as I was when I read the story. "The Lottery" delivers a message that some traditions are no longer considered morally correct. I think that this story is the most effective pieces of American literature because of point of view, human nature, and its depiction of misuse of traditional rituals. .
             The point of view of a story cannot be told without a narrator. In order for a story to be interesting it is important to have a narrator. A narrator basically tells the story. He or she can either be part of a story or can be outside the story as an observer. It is important for a story to have a narrator because through the narrator the reader gets to feel and understand the thoughts and feelings of all the characters involved in the story. Readers can picture the setting of the story thorough the narrator's eyes, and get into the minds of the characters through the narrator's mind. When telling a story, choosing a narrator is very crucial and important. Depending on who the narrator is, a story can lead the reader to different interpretations since different narrators can have different points of views. Changing a narrator can change the whole story since different narrators have different points of view. For example, one narrator might not think of a citizen's character as a citizen and view that character as a hero of the story, giving the reader a different point of view about that character.

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