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Stat of the Union Address

             Bush made his state of the union address. Much of it dealt with the situation in Iraq Although, many people support his plan, many others oppose it. He also discussed several other important issues that can affect the country's future. The most important issue is probably our situation with Iraq.
             Much of Bush's speech was spent discussing his plans to solve our problems with Iraq. He said that he is asking other countries to join our cause, but their decisions will not influence our course of action. He described why the use of force is not only warranted, but it is also obligatory, and that Saddam Hussein is a real and impending threat to our security. In addition, Bush stated that we cannot trust Hussein's sanity. The president also outlined his plans to use force against Iraq.
             Although many people support President Bush's plan to invade Iraq, many others do not favor it. One person who backs the president's plan is Secretary of State Colin Powell, who is going to the United Nations on February 5 to share intelligence with its Security Council about Saddam Hussein not accounting for many biological and chemical weapons. An opponent of Bush's plan is Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat from Massachusetts, who said that he would introduce a resolution to force Bush to get Congress's approval before sending troops to Iraq. In general, Republicans support Bush's plan, and Democrats oppose it.
             George Bush also talked about many other important issues that will impact the Nation's future. Among the things he discussed were Medicare and AIDS. He also spoke about environmental proposals. One of these was hydrogen-based fuel cells, which would not only be cleaner than current fuels, but it would also decrease dependence on foreign oil, specifically Iraqi.
             George w. Bush discussed many important topics in his state of the union address. The most important was our situation with Iraq.

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