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Excercise keep the body health

             The effects of taking care of the human body properly could increase the chances of living a longer life. Many people abuse their bodies on a daily basis and aren't even aware of the damage that their doing. Fast food , alcohol, drugs and stress can affect how a persons body functions on a daily basis. Eating properly, exercising , and reducing the stress in a persons life can add years to their life. .
             Eating properly has a never ending list of benefits. Eating the right amount of fruits , vegetables , meats, and breads keep the human body running on a natural flow that keeps it energized and full of life. The vitamins and minerals that are in the foods we eat help a persons body run and stay fit and healthy. Following the food pyramid helps people avoid eating fatty foods that clog arteries and cause damage to the artery walls. Eating healthy is said to help keep the heart and other important organs running functionally and keeps them in great condition. Avoiding alcohol and drug substances will also keep a persons body in tip top condition. .
             Exercise helps keeps a persons muscles and heart in great condition. Exercising allows the bodies muscles, joints and ligaments to be stretched, flexed, and strengthened. Working out muscles helps keep joints healthy and strong for years to come. Exercising also keeps the heart in great condition. Cardiovascular exercise is said to help keep the heart and lungs in great condition. Reducing the risk of heart or lung disease. .
             Reducing the amount of daily stress in a persons life can also help add years their life. Daily stress can get a person worked up , upset and even emotionally distressed. Stress puts strain the mind and the body, especially the heart. Many people suffer from heart attacks due to large amounts of stress. Many magazines, like Cosmopolitan suggest Yoga, mediation or an activity like jogging or swimming to help distract a person from the outside stress once their away from it.

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