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The handmaids tale

            " The Handmaids Tale focuses itself on some past history of societies that once were and to some extent may be reality of today. The main characters face certain uncertainty unless they follow the rules of the society and accept their position within the society. One must contemplate whether there may be any risk, large or small, that the current society we live in may be susceptible to this type of change. If you consider the base to be that of old day Puritan values with some additional changes within the culture there are individuals of both sexes that would accept the altered way of life. Considerations to other world powers, not necessarily superpowers, could influence and change due to religious beliefs as well as terrorism to bring in change. Many would believe that this would not happen in the society of today within the United States as there are governing bodies, laws, and political beliefs to protect the freedom of individuals. Any threats to the society are dealt with by the Armed Forces or local Police Forces. There was little mention of a large armed force within the story line suggesting the takeover and the creation of the new government. The detail of the story suggests that the government was abolished within an extremely short period of time that may have left the remaining to surrender or face certain death. This sudden change brought the country to its knees that resulted in the quick takeover by the new regime. This level of takeover would require either a large atomic revolution or a biological warfare of great magnitude. Uncertainty within some third world countries could lead to attempts of these types of risks. These countries are viewed as terrorist based or unstable political governments who will spend what is required to obtain the power. The Indian government is an example of this in today's world as well as the case of Iraq of the past few years. However, the story is based on Gilead with its boundaries best described to be the former city of Cambridge Massachusetts.

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