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Amaranta's Solitude

            Amaranta's Solitude / Pietro Crespi's Death.
             Basically solitude is for someone to be alone. Due to Amaranta's past unhappy life, she likes to be in solitude. Solitude in ways that she wouldn't see anyone, wouldn't leave the house or her bedroom, and avoids people such as Pietro and here friends. She is often disturbed and lonely that is why she is always independent and alone. .
             Amaranta's solitude caused a lot of things to happen. It even caused like Pietro Crespi's death. When Pietro proposed to Amaranta, she turned him down and said " I wouldn't marry you even if I were dead! ". And when she said " Don't waste your time" , "If you really love me don't ever set food in this house again". This was the first evidence that the book shows us about Amaranta being in solitude. At first she likes Pietro Crespi, but Pietro didn't like here, but now after Pietro asked her, she is the one who turned him down. Ursula, warns Amaranta about her attitude, but nothing changes, she often stays in her room all day long, doing nothing and being alone. .
             Another instance where we could see Amaranta's solitude is when she is trying to avoid and ignore Pietro. Pieto tried to do everything and anything he can just to change Amaranta's decision about marrying him. He even begged Amaranta's friends to try to persuade Amaranta in changing her mind. "He would even spend the day in the rear of the store writing notes which he would send to Amaranta with flower petals and dried butterflies, and which she would return unopened." Here we can see the evidence that Amaranta's solitude is permanent and nothing could ever change her mind. She would stay in her room all day ignoring Pietro and pretending that he is non-existing. Amaranta wouldn't even be part of the town that she kept here lamp light off while the lights of the rest of the town are open. .
             Since Pietro couldn't stand that Amaranta turned him down he decided to take his life with his own hands.

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