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Role of Hedda Gabler Paper

            What is the role of Hedda Gabler and how does Hedda control everyone's life? What is the outcome due to her nature and her behavior? How does she look at life? Do you agree with what she does? If so, at what times?.
             Hedda Gabler, a women in her late twenties comes from a aristocratic family. She is married to a middle class, intelligent young scholar . Heda Gabler has nothing to do in her life except to torment people and use her willpower to get what she wants and how she wants it. Rich, spoiled, brat does not have any feeling towards old, caring people. She refuses to see people in pain and people that are dying. She destroys her own life because she is about to loose control over her life and because she might loose reputation in the society. .
             Hedda Gabler is the main character in the story and everything revolves around her. Take for example, Mr. and Mrs. Tesman went on a long honeymoon because she wanted to go, they bought a new house because Mr. Tesman thought that she wanted it. Aunt Julie got her a new maid thinking that Mrs. Tesman would be better off with one. It is seen throughout the story that Hedda has nothing going for her. She points this fact out by constantly plying with her pistol. At one instance she uses the pistol on Brack, a judge and a friend of both Hedda and George. In an another instance she tries to use the pistol on Lovborg who shared a close relationship with Hedda at one point in past. She is bored with her life and the only reason she has married George is because she was reaching her thirties and it would be hard to find someone decent that would want to marry her; not to say that she is not beautiful. Everyone wanted to fool around with her but George was the only one that wanted to marry her. It was to her advantage because George had a bright future.
             Hedda commits many sins that are unforgiving. She lies, manipulates and destroys. Hedda insults Tesman's Aunt Juliana by pretending to mistake Aunt Juliana's hat for a servant's.

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