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            Life endangering, and hostile, we will never know the full extent of the horror that took place at the time of the holocaust. On a rounded sum of numbers, six million Jewish men, women, and children we killed shamelessly. Of course the nazi party, who were the socialist government power at the time, plotted this evil doing. Under the command of Adolph Hitler, the dictator, the nazi's obeyed like loyal dogs. These people dehumanized the religion, along with many others. There are still direct descendants and holocaust survivors with embedded scars that can never be washed away.
             In the event that I were to be shipped off to an unknown destination, I would pack a flashlight. Because of the versatile uses of a flashlight, I would find it to be an essential item to bring for my survival. This flashlight could serve as a tool to find dropped items, or items left in the dark. Battery casing inside the flashlight would provide the most concealing place to store items. Not only that, but it could be used as a weapon, particularly a projectile or striking weapon. It could most likely be dismantled to make yet another useful item.
             One pillow with internal matches hidden in the stuffing, would be the second most essential item. This simple pillow could obviously be used for comfort, the uses of which are only limited by your imagination. In the event of a hostile encounter, the pillow case could be used as a bandage, or an arm sling, for medical reasons. Using the matches inside the pillow itself, you could set fire to the pillow case to provide warmth. Along with these reasons, a burning pillow could be used as a distraction, or a deadly weapon.
             Over all, the deadly journey many Jewish persons endeavored was an almost guaranteed death. Yet I personally feal, that with these two simple items, lives could have been spared. For as common as these items are, you must appreciate the versatility, and the simplicity of these items.

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