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             In today's high schools there are different groups, just as there are different genres of music. .
             You have the punks, the preps, the band group, the jocks (both male and female), the outcasts, the geeks, the gamers, the hicks, the teachers pet, the ROTC's, the multicultural, and the wannabes. .
             With all those different groups of kids, you would think anyone would be able to find a group that they would be accepted into, but that is not always the case. .
             There are some teenagers who want to be in one group but the group doesn't want them in there. The group can blow the person off, accept them, ignore the person, or they use the teen for their amusement. .
             Another situation is the drifter. There are two types of drifters. .
             One type can never find a group he feels comfortable in so he/ she drifts around from group to group. He or she might like some of the people in the groups, or maybe one or two people like them, but the drifter never feels accepted.
             The other type finds that they fit in many of the different groups. And that drifter has too chose which one to settle in. But they have friends in all of the groups and don't want to give them up, so they drift around from group to group having friends and being accepted but never really finding out their group.
             Both drifters might suffer from lack of confidence or he/ she might have lots of self-confidence. .
             But neither will be completely happy until they realize where they belong. But once the drifter finds their group, acceptance will come easily.

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