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pompeii destroyed

            Mount Vesiveus awakes after 1000 years many lives lost.
             On the morning of 24th of august The animals around mount Vesuvius started to act strangely and people started to wonder as slight earth tremors and loud rumbling sounds came from the mountain they did not realise that the mountain was the cause of the earthquake of 62ad and would soon destroy Herculum, Naples, stabia, Oplontis, and Pompeii.
             Shortly after mid-day the cities around the mountain day turned to night. The Top of Vesuvius violently exploded and then a tremendous mushroom cloud filled the air twenty kilometres high the cloud was filled with ash, gas, and pumice. What ever goes up must soon come down. There was a strong wind that blew it to the south-west unfortunately one of the most respected cities lay that direction it was the city of Pompeii.
             Pompeii was soon covered in ash, rock ect. It fell non stop until the next morning. The only light was fires started by fallen lanterns. The city is inhabited by 17500 citizens 2000 of the citizens of Pompeii were suffocated, burned, or crushed to death. .
             We interviewed Cicelies .the lucky ones to get on a boat.Many of us just looked forward the sight behind was to destressing people being left there because there was no more room on the boats.
             There was a lady who jumped of the boat to go back to her husband and a few followed me and my family stayed put.Eventully we heard the cries for HELP stop.
             After my uncle left I finished studding, as I had intended. Then I had a wash, then dinner and it was a short and disappointing night. There had been tremors for many earlier days, a common event in Campania and no need for panic. But during the night the shaking became a lot stronger; people thought it was mayhem, not just a tremor. My mother burst into my room and I rose from where I was. .
             The next day began, with a slow dawn. Every where buildings had been damaged.

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