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malaysia's economic stimulus p

            Malaysia's Economic Stimulus Package.
             Malaysia had went through the ups and downs of economic .
             environment. Just name it. Economic down term, deficit budget, market .
             uncertainty and many more. During these "black period", Malaysia had .
             announced several economic stimulus package to boost its economy and .
             maintain the economic growth between 3 to 4 percent each year.
             When talking about this subject, who can forget the worst economic.
             slowdown that hit Asia in 1997. Beginning from 2nd of July 1997, when Thai's.
             Government made the decision to float the Thai Baht in foreign exchange market .
             due to the lost in its value, everyday is just another "nightmare" in our economy. .
             Stock market shed to the lowest level, companies try to cut their cost by firing its.
             employee, and corporate institutions had to shut their operation is just inevitable.
             Malaysia had took a bold step to overcome this obstacle. She had went.
             against the current. Malaysia had rejected the International Monetary Fund or .
             (IMF)'s loan because of its not-so-worthy risks. Malaysia had announced its own .
             economic stimulus package. Several radical changes had been made in the .
             economic structure. Among others are the controlling of our financial market. .
             Ringgit has being fixed at RM 3.80 for every US Dollar. The reason is to avoid .
             the speculative activity by demonic money speculator as well as to bring back its .
             normal value. By that time, Ringgit had lost about 52% of its original value.
             This plan is also involving the whole of Malaysia. Malaysians were .
             being urged to decrease their spending on imported products and support.
             "Made In Malaysia" goods. Also campaigns like "Cuti - Cuti Malaysia" and .
             "Malaysia Mega Sale" were launched to boost domestic spending and to lessen.
             the flow of our money to oversea. Malaysians had been advised to travel in their.
             homeland rather than going for an exotic holiday in Caribbean Islands.

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