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child labour

            Today I want to talk about the problem about the child labour. In the world, for millions of children there is no time to be a child. Work fills the day. Millions of them produce goods for the consumers in developed country. Children work to help their families, to pay for school and survive. The contribution of a child's income or labor at home can move a family from hunger to sufficiency. Parents of child workers are often unemployed or underemployed, desperate for a secure job and income. Yet it is often their children who are offered jobs, because children are cheaper and easier to exploit. .
             The problem about the children at work because mothers could not choose, They would want them to be in school. But what stops them is poverty. Even when the whole family works, their total income can be less than dollar a day. If a child cannot study, then the cycle of poverty is repeated and the poor family will never get out of the slum. But there are not enough schools for poor children. Even if there is a school, and a poor family cannot afford to pay the fees for few years, children often drop out. .
             When the world went into a mass globalisation, we should have had very strong anti-poverty programmes side by side. People in rich countries can help by supporting small grass-roots groups. Consumer campaigns should also insist that governments add a label clearly stating that child labour has not been used in the making of the goods being sold. Also the non-profitable organization can donate some money to poor country to build schools which need to provide more flexible schedules and more relevant material. School should be free for those who can't afford to pay, build factories for adults to work in, also uphold existing laws protecting children from exploitation.

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