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An Essay On Rwanda

             The Republic of Rwanda, also known as Rwanda, is located in Central Africa. Rwanda's population is about 7,229,000 people. Its capital and largest city is Kigali with a population of 16,000 people. Rwanda is the most densely populate county in Africa. Its government is a Republic and has a president with 17 cabinet members appointed by the president. There are 70 members in the legislature. The Rwandan citizens elect the legislature and the president.
             wandan People.
             There are three ethnic groups in Rwanda - the Hutu, the Tutsi and the Twa. Languages include French, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, and English. Twenty-five percent of the population is Christian. The remainder of the population is either Muslim or has indigenous beliefs. The life expectancy rate for females is 40, and for males it is 39. Rwandan holidays include:.
             Independence Day (July 1);.
             Democracy Day (January 28);.
             Kamanampaka Kay, the day of abolition of the monarchy in 1961; and,.
             Peace and Unity Day (July 5).
             There are many natural resources in Rwanda including wood, rubber, tin, tungsten and ore. Some of these resources are then used to produce paper and textiles. Some other facts about the local economy include:.
             The local currency in the Rwanda Franc;.
             Major exports are coffee and tea representing about 80% of all exports;.
             Major imports are food products, machinery and equipment, steel, and construction materials; .
             93% of the labor force is agriculture, government, and services; 5% is industry; 2% is commerce; and,.
             Agriculture products include bananas, coffee, tea, beans, peas, potatoes, corn, sorghum and peanuts.
             ifestyle, Food and Pastimes.
             Most Rwandans live in round grass huts in farms scattered over the country's hills. Family life is central to society. Traditionally, the principal goal in life was parenthood. Marriage in Rwanda is usually done in religious ceremonies and can be different between religions.

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