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The catcher in the rye

             Salinger, born in New York City on January 1, 1919, is considered one of the most critically reviewed author in modern literature is what some people have said. His only novel Catcher in the Rye has received the most criticism. The book has been constantly debate and sometimes banned in some states because of its vulgar language and sexual content, in the 1950's. On the other hand it is used in freshmen English and praised as the greatest book in the twentieth century. Catcher in the Rye has been reviewed in many aspects. People had drawn many conclusions in trying to decipher the meaning of Catcher in the Rye and the mind behind the mysterious Salinger. It has been said that Buddhism is one apparent aspect in this book and it was also apparent in Salinger's life, but does Salinger exhibit Buddhism on different levels in Catcher in the Rye?.
             Chris intro.
             Catcher in the Rye: Holden Goes Through a Fall From His Innocence Jerome David Salinger, born in New York City on January 1, 1919, may not have written many novels in which he is recognized for. Although ,he did write one novel, which brought him fame. In many of Salinger's short stories and especially his most well-known novel he writes about how the main character falls from his or her own innocence then rises to face their challenges. In J.D. Salinger's , Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield goes through a fall from his innocence throughout his journey to his safe haven, home. One example of when Holden fell from his own innocence is when he is in the room with Phoebe and he can't name anything he likes. Holden reacts to this question by saying, "Boy, she was depressing me"(Salinger 169). The only three things he can name that he liked were Allie, James Castle, and sitting there chewing the fat with Phoebe. The reason this is a time when Holden falls is because he gets really depressed when he can barely think of anything he liked. The reason I think Holden gets so depressed is because two of the people he names are dead.

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