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Soria Moria Castle

             "Soria Moria Castle- is possibly the most well-known Norwegian folktale. The famous Peter Christian Asbjørnsen wrote it in 1841 and like most of his works it defines the Norwegian folktale. "Soria Moria Castle-, involves a young man named Halvor, who was not interested in much. One day he left with a skipper to go out at sea. After a while a storm caused the boat to land on an unknown coast. Halvor went ashore and found a great castle. Upon entering the castle, he found a beautiful princess who was surprised to see him. She warned Halvor about a Troll who lives in the castle and eats people, but Halvor said that does not scare him. The princess told Halvor to get the Troll's sword. When the Troll came Halvor chopped off its four heads. After freeing that princess, he continued on his journey to rescue her two sisters in a similar manner. After that, Halvor lived with the three princesses in splendor and wealth. Eventually he got restless and missed his parents, so the princesses gave him a magical ring that let him wish himself home and back, but warned him that he should not mention their names to the people back home. Unfortunately, Halvor did mention the princesses, who took back the ring and left for Soria Moria Castle. Halvor was disheartened that the princesses had left him, and he went to find Soria Moria Castle. He bought a horse and traveled to a hut where an old woman asked the Moon for directions to the castle. The Moon did not know but the West Wind did, and the West Wind led the way to Soria Moria Castle. Halvor kept up with the West Wind because he traded his horse for the old woman's magic boots that cover fifteen miles in every step. Once at the castle, he found the princesses and it was agreed by all at the castle that Halvor should have the best one of them.
             This story exemplifies a classic folktale. It contains many common traits of folktales, such as a hero, a quest, and magical items.

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