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americas choice

             America's Choice.
             There are many illegal substances in America. Harmful-substances which include, But are not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, herion, LSD, exstacy and speed. One of these drugs however, is in fact very legal and widely available. Speed can loosely be put into two categories legal and illegal. The illegal form of speed, which is also known as crystal meth, can come in yellow, white or pink rocks. This form of speed can be snorted or smoked. The legal form of speeds that are easily accessible include; Metabolife, Metabolift, Xenadrine, Dexatrim, Ritalin and Dexadrine.
             All the other illegal drugs are so closely controlled yet these "safe" forms of speed are completely legal and available. Speed is not as illegal as the other drugs because it makes you work harder. The other illegal drugs seem to turn their users into criminals and unproductive members of society. Speed makes you work harder, get more accomplished and above all make money. Now if marijuana helped to make people perform better at work it isn't hard to imagine the harsh laws against it being lifted. "Speed form's is not only accepted in America, it's downright applauded.".
             One of the reasons America is so productive is in fact speed. Most of the world takes a nap after lunch, but not Americans. We work longer and harder, so if some need that extra little push our government is going to be the last ones to stop it. Americans are the most high strung of cultures. Those in America feel it is their duty to be in the rat race. "Speed is just the drug to get you to the finish line.".
             From a very young age, speed like products is pushed upon Americans. Caffine, which is an addictive ingredient that happens to give you energy, is available to children through soda and sport drinks. Sugars contained in candy and fruit beverages also provide that little rush that can keep you going. So although children are taught not to do drugs, they are also taught to enjoy the feeling of being hyper and going fast.

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