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Dorian Gray summary

            In the novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray, the main character Dorian Gray is quite the opposite of a static personality. From the outset of the novel to the end, Gray goes through a dramatic transformation. His metamorphosis begins early on appearing as a very innocent young man with an unfortunate encounter with a very persuasive hedonist. Such an encounter corrupts his view on life which continues on as a never ending downward spiral. His conversation with this certain hedonist influenced the way he viewed life and how he could not control the fact that he would age and lose his youthful appearance. This caused much turmoil within Gray causing a man vs. himself conflict. Because of his youthful foolishness, he wishes that he could retain his beauty; similar to the beauty seen in his portrait. Unfortunately, this desire marks the beginning of his downfall which would act as a virus. This virus would spread and damage, even killing, many the people Gray would influence or interact with in his lifetime.
             As aforementioned, Dorian Gray would encounter a certain hedonist named Lord Henry Wotton. The two would converse and Lord Wotton would impose upon young Gray the fact that his beauty is only temporary. Gray would not retain his charming good looks that were captured in his portrait and he would eventually age into a decrepit old man. Lord Wotton also shared his philosophy of seeking pleasure called new Hedonism. Although their conversation was very short, Lord Wotton's charismatic personality convinced Dorian Gray that his future would result as Lord Wotton had spoken of. Gray wishes that he could keep the beauty that was captured in the portrait. Soon after, he realizes that time is of the essence and he should indulge in all liveliness that will enable him to enjoy his youth. Gray begins his life of new Hedonism and indulges in immoral activities that would satisfy his primal urges.

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