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The Killing Fields

             Two reporters, one american, another cambodian, embark on a dangerous and deadly adventure to uncover and reveal to the world the secret bombings of Cambodia by the United States during their withdrawal from Vietnam. Little did they know that they would be caught up in the seizure of Phnom Penh in 1975 by the communist leader Khmer Rouge, which later resulted in the infamous killing fields in which millions of "unloyal- Cambodians were slaughtered.
             This is an unforgettable film directed by Roland Joffé depicting the horrible slaughter of millions of Cambodians during Khmer Rouge's reign. Sydney Schanberg, the american reporter, was played by Sam Waterson, and Dr. Haing S. Ngor, who plays Dith Pran, do an excellent job in telling the story line which is in fact a true story. This story is not only about the killing fields but also about the bombing of a Cambodian city and US' cover-up act and withdrawal from Vietnam. Some of the story's relevant themes include US politics in the mid-1970s and Cambodian politics in the mid-1970s.
             During the 1970s, the United States political stance was very shaky from the end of the Vietnam war to the resignation of Nixon. Another failure, leaked secret, or mistake made by the US would damage the US' reputation far beyond repair. Unfortunately, it happened. Before the fall of Phnom Penh, the United States had been secretly bombing Cambodia, keeping the campaign secret from the congress. Unfortunately, as reporters were covering the rise of Khmer Rouge, they had heard from the locals that parts of Cambodia were being bombed by US planes. One of those reporters happened to be Sydney, with his companion reporter Dith Pran. As he investigated further into the matter, the more he divulged into the danger of the ever powerful Khmer Rouge.
             While the US had finished its revolution in the 1800s, Cambodia was experiencing its revolution now. Unfortunately, it was for the worse.

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