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Jagger's office

             The passage is from the novel Great Expectation by Charles Dickens on chapter twenty. Chapter twenty is the start of a new section when Pip just moved to London and meets Jaggers for the first time. The setting in the second section of the novel contrasts drastically from the marshes in the first section. In Great Expectations, Dickens puts a lot of emphasis in relating his characters with the setting, and chapter twenty is a good example. Pip's descriptions of Jaggers" office clearly show that he is feeling uncomfortable and stunned by his new surroundings. Dickens" uses different literary techniques to illustrate Pip's emotions and his impressions on London and the people there. .
             Dickens clearly shows that Pip is disappointed with his new surroundings in the beginning of chapter twenty. London is supposed to be the place where he reaches for his great expectations, but instead Pip immediately finds London to be a dismal and ugly place. Jaggers" office is situated in a rundown business area of London; it is named "Little Britain" which could represent the city in general according to Pip's perception. In the passage, Dickens first illustrates the lighting in the room. The room is badly lit with only one skylight in the room, "Mr. Jaggers" room was lighted by a skylight only, and was a most dismal place." There are also a number of objects that seems out of place in the office, the "old rusty pistol," "a sword in a scabbard," "several strange-looking boxes and packages," and "two dreadful casts on a shelf." This adds the tension since Pip has not seen Mr. Jaggers before, and he is trying to create an image based from the surrounding. The pistol and sword are objects use for violence and they could symbolize Mr. Jaggers" strong personalities, and they also tie in with Mr. Jaggers" profession as a criminal lawyer. The chair is describes "like a coffin," Dickens uses this imagery to show that Mr.

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