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the big bang

            When did the Universe begin, and how? How has it evolved? When will it end, and how? These kinds of questions have baffled astronomers for centuries and part of the reason that astronomy developed into a science. The most accepted theory of the origin of Universe is the Big Bang, which states that Universe came into being as a result of an explosion and that it is currently expanding. However, this theory cannot be proven experimentally. Furthermore, our civilisation is still young and undeveloped to understand this issue. The following resources will give an insight into this topic and explain the human understanding according to available data on the origin of the universe. These resources will be useful in research of the topic as they provide opinions of experts in this field.
             Resource 1.
             Silk, Joseph, 1980, The Big Bang: The Creation and Evolution of the Universe, W. H. Freeman and Company, United States of America.
             Written by Joseph Silk, The Big Bang describes in a sophisticated yet detailed way human understanding of the universe with emphasis on the astronomical discoveries prior to its publication back in 1980. The book gradually explains recent discoveries in this field of physics providing definitions of the technical terms and is intended for senior high school students due to its language complexity. .
             The first few chapters of the book describe the history of cosmological thought, from the Greek philosophers and scientists to the modern times. In addition, simple description of the theory and the evidence for the Big Bang is explained including a discussion of alternative models. Much of the astronomical data was recent at the time of publication; however, additional resources need to be acquired during research, as this information is currently outdated. Nevertheless, most of the information is still considered relevant in research of the Big Bang theory as according to experts it provides the best explanation for the available evidence.

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