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Sula Essay

             The story, Sula, by Toni Morrison, shows how good and evil aren't as clearly defined and separated as society thinks. The story is filled with characters that perform many evil deeds, but they are usually necessary. One of these characters in the story is Eva. She performs many acts that society views as evil, however the acts are usually necessary and are the lesser of two evils. Although many of the characters do things that society views as wrong, the main character Sula personifies all that society views as evil. To contrast the evil, there is the character Nel, who personifies all that society views as good and right. However, in the end, the author blurs the lines between good and evil by revealing the true evil in the good and the good in the pure evil characters. Toni Morrison has shown that society's definition of good and evil can easily be blurred and sometimes be completely wrong.
             The story, Sula, follows the lives of two girls in a small black community called The Bottom from 1919 to 1965. From the first time the two main characters, Sula and Nel, met they become instant friends. Although they have completely opposite backgrounds, Nel coming from a clean and organized house with both parents and Sula coming from a more relaxed house constantly filled with people and no father figure, they had a special bond that lasts most of the story. They spend most of their childhood together, but at Nel's wedding Sula leaves town without telling anyone where she's going. Sula returned to The Bottom after 10 years of traveling and seeing a lot of the country. After she returns she begins having affairs with most of the men in town including Nel's husband. After the affair, Nel continued her life without Sula or her husband. The affairs and many more of Sula's actions caused her to become an outcast and hated by most of the town. In the end, Sula dies alone in her bed.
             Many of the characters in the story perform acts that are viewed as evil but the people and the acts have good intentions behind them.

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