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Marijuana Rather than Tobacco

             Today millions of people are addicted to tobacco, and yet it is impossible to become physically addicted to marijuana. When most people think of marijuana compared to tobacco, everyone thinks tobacco is more safe. This is because marijuana is illegal and tobacco is entirely legal. A lot of my friends smoke tobacco and marijuana. My friends should stop smoking tobacco.
             When my friends smoke tobacco it leaves radioactive materials in the lungs. After time the radioactive materials mutate and become cancer causing. These cancer-causing materials are not present in marijuana. My friends that smoke tobacco all have bad lungs. When playing sports or just walking stairs they get out of breath. My friends that only smoke marijuana have no trouble walking the stairs. Also, they are slowing increasing their chances to get lung cancer. If they only smoked marijuana there is no chance to get cancer. Marijuana smoking itself will not give anyone cancer.
             Marijuana has been used for thousands of years whether for medicine, at ceremonies, or just a way to have fun. Medical marijuana has been outlawed in many states although it has been said to be more effective than all of the prescription drugs on the market. Some medical uses include asthma sufferers, patients with glaucoma, even headaches. Friends have said when they awoke in the morning with a hangover all they did was smoke some marijuana and the hangover was gone. Tobacco on the other hand has no medical uses. In my mind it makes no sense. Tobacco should be illegal and marijuana should be legalized.
             Nicotine is why my friends are still smoking cigarettes because it is the most active drug in tobacco and is highly addictive. Physical addiction is when the body's metabolism feels it needs the nicotine to function proper. If a friend was trying to quit and the nicotine is not supplied to the body they may go into withdrawal symptoms.

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