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Euphemisms in War

            During times of war objectionable actions such as hatred, murder, and bombings are euphemized to help people accept them. Euphemisms are a complex method of making horrible actions seem more pleasant. Dehumanizing People and Euphemizing War and When Words Go to War are prime examples of usage of euphemisms in war. The use of this powerful tool in both essays is different, but they both serve the same purpose: to gain support from one's nation and to justify war and the killings.
             "Collateral damage" used in Bella English's essay When Words Go to War, is very ambiguous. The definition of collateral is "situated side by side; parallel" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary), and the definition of damage states, "harm or injury to property or a person, resulting is loss of value" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In no fashion does theses words relate to the bombing of civilian areas, where innocent people. This euphemism allows the killing of another nation's people seem harmless. It significantly distorts our image of what is actually happening. .
             Another form of euphemism used in English's essay was the use of acronyms over the use of the actual term. Examples she used are "KIA" and "NBC's", these stand for killed in action and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. The acronym as it stands tells nothing of the actual truth; what does KIA and NBC mean? Killed in action seems much more offensive then KIA, for the simple fact that the word killed was used. The simplicity of KIA and NBC's make it seem as if they are in no way harmful or destructive to human life. However, NBC's refer to nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, which can be easily linked to the tragedy in Hiroshima, where millions of innocent people lost their lives.
             "To remove the moral obstacles to such a course, leaders, both political and religious, euphemize killing and the weapons of destruction and dehumanize the potential victims in order to justify their extermination.

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