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             Knights were a large part of history during early and late medieval periods. Back during that time knights were looked highly upon. Knights were the king and lords protectors. A boy or page started to become a knight form the age of eight. They were sent to the kings or lords palace for training. There they were taught to sing, fight, hunt and dance and to serve the king. Good manners were also taught to the young boys. Once the pages turned to the age of 14 they became a squire. Squires had to follow their masters out onto battlefields. Squire was responsible for dressing the knight for battles and tournaments. The squires were the knights assistants, Squires had to become skilled in the weapons and armor. .
             Once a squire became a knight they had to be loyal to the code of chivalry. Chivalry comes from a French bishop, which means knight in French. The knight's codes of honor are to respect the church, have pity for the poor, and be respectful and show much bravery.
             Some knights, their entire income was based upon they"re fighting in battle. Some knights were fiefs, which were people that were hired to fight. Other knights were the king's knights and they are people that were raised to become knights. These types of knights usually were rich and owned much land. .
             Many knights entered a tournament or Joust for money or social points. The night before a tournament a ceremony and a night of prayer was spent. Special. Also a special church service was held in the knight's honor. There they were given special armor, shield, and a banner. The knight bent in front of the king who tapped him on each shoulder with his sword. Tournaments were the most popular of all of the medieval entertainments. Only knights could take part. Some seats were reserved for king, queen, and nobles. Knights gathered in different sides and rushed at each other with long lances. Because tournaments or melee's were so dangerous many church popes tried to ban them.

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