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comp. of Metamorphosis to Moth

             Many world masterpieces show the struggle of individuals in the society in which they live. Two works in particular, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and Mother Courage and her Children by Bertolt Brecht show how society molds its members into perfectly cast models. The result of improper up-bringing or the inability to be molded by society devastates an individual. The desire to be accepted by society drives these individuals, especially Gregor from The Metamorphosis and Mother Courage's children from Mother Courage and her Children, to conform or die trying. .
             Kafka's novella, The Metamorphosis, shows what happens to the average human being when all aspects of communication are stripped from one's life. Gregor's metamorphosis literal or not, still shows the effects society has had on his up-bringing. The ideal mold that the late nineteenth century suggested was to become a self-supportive man. Money became the sole reason for living for most individuals; personal and recreational goals slowly disappeared. Although one's basic needs were met, society coerced people to become workaholics to attain the money status in his or her community (Mavlow 3). Gregor is no exception. In fact, Gregor is a prime example of the ideal model. Gregor transcends from individual to drone. After the change, he develops the "employee mentality. His life revolves around the company for which he works and the money he receives. Kafka uses Gregor because of the common bond that many of his nineteenth century audience share. This situation allows for Kafka to use Gregor as a tool. The end result of Gregor's suffering and torment leaves him dead and the others apathetic to his tragic end. In Gregor's case, he met his demise trying to communicate to those whom once accepted him. Gregor's mainly serves as a method to show the reader what happens to a stereotypical being whom is suddenly isolated from the society which he grew up in, and the desolation that follows.

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