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The Early 1900's

            American society had some similarities but also many differences from the 1920's to the 1930's. First, there was the change in popular music. The 1920's were considered the "Jazz Age". Obviously, jazz was a very popular music choice. As we move to the 1930's swing music becomes very popular. In the 1920's, sports were a very common choice of entertainment. Baseball was one of the most heard of, as well as bowling and others. Movies, motion picture, became quite a hit, along with the radio. In the 1930's as well, radio and motion pictures became more popular. The radio in this time used by FDR for "fireside chats", which was talking to the people through the radio, easing them about the economy. In the Jazz Age new mortality was taking affect, with women changing their fashion sense. They began wearing shorter skirts, getting their hair done, etc, although through the 1930's women began wearing their skirts lower, the idea of returning modesty to actresses was brought forward. In 1920, journalism became a huge business. Many African Americans started to become writers and the Harlem Renaissance existed. The increase in black writers carried over into the 1930's along with the addition of other famous writers, such as John Steinback and Sinclair Lewis. In the 1920's the manners and morals were very much challenged, another effect of new mortality, and things greatly changed. In 1930 there was more so a cry for the return or morals and manners.
             Due to the Great Depression and drop in the economy I would say is one of the main reasons to the differences in culture. After the WWI when the Jazz Age existed many people were very laid back, and relaxed and just wanted to have a good time. In which case caused for a lot of change in their previous way of life. Fading out of those years and into the Great Depression affected many people's lives, and in a sense brought them to a greater sense of reality.

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