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People Watching

             I spent a couple of hours at the mall this weekend doing some holiday shopping and during lunch I sat down to watch people in the food court. I noticed a few conversations with people, and just some strange behavior from people who did not know they were being watched, just for the hell of it.
             The first conversation I overheard was a mother and her son debating over the fact about why he could not get a new video game. The son was pleading his case about a game that had just come out. He said that this game was the coolest game to come out this year, or ever, only because it came with a new controller. Now, the mother on the other hand told him two things. One, Christmas was coming, the obvious, and two; it was a two hundred dollar game. Back and forth the debate went, and the son came back to rebuttal some more, and said that the game was only fifty dollars, and the controller was one hundred and fifty dollars. Since mom is always the final say, she told her son to remember what she had just said, and that the answer was still no. So, overall, the kid did not get the game, and had to wait for Christmas. However, the son could have won his mother over, and she could have gotten "Steele Battalion" for him had he used more persuasive tactics in swaying his mother to get the game based on the limited number of copies available, and since it will be a hot game this holiday season for the XBOX video game console. .
             While sitting in front of GNC, I could see the people going in and out of Electronics Boutique. I happen to notice this one guy walking around looking at the ceiling, and not really paying attention to what was going on around him. He was not looking at where he was going; I guess he thought that other people would just move out of his way. .
             The other conversation I overheard had to do with a couple, and yet this is another story about people doing some holiday shopping.

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