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Female roles In Othello

            The first women that I will discuss is Bianca. Bianca would be known as a modern day prositute. By analizing her relationship with Cassio, it seems as though Bianca really wanted to have some sort of relationship with him. An example of this is in scence 3,act 4. It begins as Desdomona and Emilia exit as Bianca enters. Bianca begins to question Cassio about his whereabouts. .
             "Bianca: 'Save you, friend Cassio! Cassio: What make you from home? How is't with you, my most fair Bianca? (I'faith,) sweet love was coming to your house. Bianca: And I was going to your lodging, Cassio. What,keep a week away? Seven days and nights, Eightscorce eight hours, and lovers'absent hours More tedious than the dial eightscorce times? O weary wreacking! Cassio: Pardon me, Bianca. I have this while withthis leaden thoughts been pressed, But I shall in a more continuate time Strike off this sorce of absence. Sweet Bianca, Take me this work out."(page 165 lines 190- 204).
             It is then that Cassio gives Bianca a "token" of his love. Upon reciving this "token", Bianca becomes highly offended. She then acusses Cassio of having anohter lover.I find this very hard to believe. How could Bianca of all people have the nerve to question someone's loyalty,whenit is her lack of loyalty that earns her money.The relationship between Bianca and Cassio is purely physical. Their relationship would fit the general sterotype, that women are only good for one thing.An example of this,lack of care, is when Iago and Cassio are talking about the relationship between Cassio and Bianca. "Iago: She gives it out that you shall marry her. Do you intend? Cassio: Ha,ha,ha!"(page 179 lines 135-136)" Cassio: I marry(her?)What a customer?Prithee bear some charity to my wit! Do not think it so unwholesome. Ha,ha, ha!"(page 179 line 140) In the end we never find outwhat becomes of Bianca. However we can assume that she continues her lifestyle. Whether or not that includes Cassio is left a mystery, only Shakespeare knew what became of them.

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