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Wife Goes On Strike

             "Wife goes on strike while husband goes fishin"." This was the headline of local and national television news shows across the nation in September of 2002. His wife refused to do the laundry, make the bed, or wash the dishes. When he came home from work there was not any dinner prepared for him as it was for the first four years of their marriage. Million of women across the country watched as this man's wife put up picket signs in front of his yard. Women everywhere looked to this woman as a heroine. Some women even tried to do the same thing to their husbands after seeing this. This is bad news for men. My brethren, we must do something to stop this.
             Propaganda, as defined by the Random House College Dictionary, is "information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, group, nation, etc." Before the feminist movement, there were never any news stories like this on the television. Propaganda has come to be man's worst enemy. We lost control of our own media outlets. Soon, news stories like this will be a daily occurrence. We lost a battle but we can still win the war. Men across the nation must assemble and fight this. We cannot sit idly by and let this continue.
             I suggest we take the nonviolent approach. Following in the footsteps of the revered leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., there are four basic steps to the nonviolent campaign: "collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self-.
             purification; and direct action." In the past, Negation with women has proved to be impossible. There is no alternative but to take direct action. Men must come together as a nation to attack this. There is strength in numbers. We must come up with a unified plan of direct action.
             We must be careful. Women have been trained to get what they want by any means necessary. The woman is very slick in her ways. Since the beginning of time, starting with Adam and Eve, women have been taking men down.

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