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Jaidyn Leskie

            JAIDYN LESKIE of Moe, was murdered when he was just 14 months old. It was June 1997 when the toddler disappeared from Greg Domaszewicz home in Moe. Six months later he was found in Moe's Blue Rock Dam, dead. Mr. Domaszewicz was accused and acquitted of the young boy's murder. .
             Evidence shows Jaidyn was banged on the head, his body filled with the drug benzhexol, tied to a crow bar and thrown into the dam. .
             Bilynda Williams, Jaidyn's mother, knows two Moe men who had blood on them the night Jaidyn disappeared. One of them was allegedly covered in blood. He first states he was bashed by a few teenagers and then later states he was bashed by a Melbourne drug dealer. The other man was also found to have blood on him. .
             "Herald Sun, Tuesday, July 22, 2003".
             On December 3 1998, nearly a year after Jaidyn's body was discovered, Greg Domaszewicz was found not guilty and was released.
             No forensic evidence from Jaidyn had ever been found in the trunk of Domaszewicz car. No trace of Domaszewicz DNA was found on any of the clothes Jaidyn was wearing when his body was found.
             Domaszewicz started his day at his house in a town near Moe. After getting his Tattslotto ticket, he went to see Bilynda Murphy, who he was once seeing. He asked if he could take Jaidyn to his house. Murphy dressed her child warmly and pinned a dummy to his clothing. In a plastic shopping bag she put four nappies, more clothes, a bottle, a muesli bar and an apple. .
             She rang Domaszewicz at about 11pm from a hotel, where she was with her sister. Domaszewicz told Bilynda that Jaidyn burned his bottom on the heater and had been taken to hospital. He then told Bilynda that he was alright and there was no need to come home. .
             At about 2am Domaszewicz left to collect a severely intoxicated Murphy from the pub. When he collected Murphy he told her she was too drunk too see Jaidyn.

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