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BNW and Blade Runner

            How does Huxley and Scott use style to show the importance of humanity's relationship with the natural world?.
             The literary text "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and the film "Blade Runner" the Director's cut by Ridley Scott both use style to show the lack of importance present in both worlds and how there is little respect for the natural world. The link between nature and humans seems quite indistinct, almost unavailable. Both Huxley and Scott use aspects of their style to show the lack of importance, that both societies have on the natural world which does not only include the physical landscape but also what considered natural nowadays like birth, motherhood, family and of course love. Huxley's style is quite different to that of Scott. The elements of the styles of both texts which show how weak this relationship between humanity and the natural world are for Brave New World using Shakespeare, satire, the anti-utopian genre, language, persuasion and propaganda, contrast and duality of character. As for Blade Runner, Scott uses symbolism, irony and the science fiction, film noir and dystopian genre.
             Brave New World deals with the power of science and technology as a, means of killing of individuality and replacing it with narrow compartments of fact or simulated sensation. Huxley the author of Brave New World uses Shakespeare deliberately as it brings out emotion and reactions and uniformity needed for stability. The language of Shakespeare brings out such emotions as love, ecstasy, ambition, jealousy and suffering. He uses this high level of experience in Shakespearian language and contrasts it with the high degree of civilization of the world. Through this use of Shakespeare, Huxley lends toward a society, which crave without any moral or spiritual commitment. Shakespearian language is so natural as it brings out human emotion and is deliberately used to show how the link between humanity and the natural world is frail or instinct.

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