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To Sir With Love

            To Sir With Love and Dangerous Minds.
             The book To Sir With Love and the movie Dangerous Minds are about a teacher and troubled students. In both stories, the teacher is caring towards their students, and implement creative ways to teach while keeping the attention of the kids. Although To Sir With Love and Dangerous Minds are similar in that they both involve troubled kids and inexperienced teachers who try to tame them, these stories differ because the teacher's school discipline beliefs are different for instance Mr. Braithwaite's school has free discipline where the kids do not get any punishment from the school.
             The teachers are alike because they are both single, inexperienced, and use interesting and different techniques to teach the children. Rick Braithwaite, and Marie Johnson differ in that Rick is black man, and Marie is a white woman. Also during the stories their teaching methods are different. Rick has the children address each other as "Sir"(p 86). By doing this Rick achieves respect and discipline among the children. This also gives some order to the classroom. The teacher in Dangerous Minds uses the method of rewarding the kids by giving them candy for right answers. Another method of teaching which seems to be the most affective is relate the material to real life and teach real life subjects which is also used by Mr. Braithwaite.
             One of the main aspects that contribute to the interesting plot of these stories is the background of the students in these schools. In To Sir With Love and Dangerous Minds the kids come from poor lower class families "where an order is invariably accompanied by a blow"(pg 55). An example of the kids being punished is when the twins are not allowed to go to school because their mother feels it is useless. When the kids have a dance in the middle of the hallway at Mr. Braithwaite's school shows the free discipline where they allow the children to do whatever they want.

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