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            Sri Lanka had been under going a terrorist problem for over 20 years, thanks in part to the politicians, terrorists themselves and unscrupulous business interests. Over the years thousands of lives have been lost including the lives of a few of my friends. Some people choose to call it an ethnic war which I many would disagree on this point. The international community and some of the international media organisation openly had been taking the side of the terror mongers. As a result the violence and destruction in my country has escalated. The majority community the Sinhalese have been the dominant race in the country with a written history reaching back to 540 B.C. The sinhalese with the influence of the Buddhist teaching developed their own unique culture and civilization. The ancient ruins, artifacts and stone writing support the official written history of the Maha Wansa. However sinister forces are currently at work to destroy and erase the proud history of us the Sri Lankans. Some argue that the historical records are biased and use the current terrorism problem as a tool to discredit and warp the history of the country and try to label this as an "Ethnic Problem". What they do not realise is that they are denying a legacy of a great and a proud nation for the future generations of the country. It is not Sinhalese history or Tamil history. It is our history irrespective of who played the major role in it.
             By Parakramabahu, the Supreme Overlord of Lanka who has engaged himself in affairs (conducive to) the welfare of the whole world, has been constructed.
             Parakumba (Parakaramabahu) the lord of men had this constructed - (Parakumba) who had streams and rivers dammed (to form) reservoirs, thereby impounding all waters (or rejoicing the whole world) and caused fields in all Sri Lanka to be cultivated. - The Padaviya Inscription (12th Century A.D.).
             This is the story of the Sinhala people working in peace and war under an unbroken monarchy during two millenniums and a half.

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