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The role of self fulfilling pr

             "The role of self fulfilling prophecies in shaping the.
             self-concept and influencing communication".
             According to pages 37-40 in the textbook, a self fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person's expectations of an event and his subsequent behaviors, which are based on these expectations, make the outcome more likely to occur. There are two different types of self fulfilling prophecies, the self imposed prophecy and when a person's prophecy is imposed on you. The question is whether they have an effect on our self concept, or self image, and our communications skills? The answer to this question is yes, to a certain degree. Where as, we do not have the ability to wish for a royal flush in poker and then get it, we do have the ability to affect whether or not we will have a good mode throughout the day.
             If when we wake up, we say to ourselves, "It is going to be a bad day," the out look for our day is already grime and therefore we will be less receptive to the good things that have occurred. Same goes with our self concept. I believe it is true because I have seen the effects it has on me. When I prepare for any interviews I become completely nervous and doubtful of my potential, and then nervousness will cause me to second guess myself. This self fulfilling prophecy then ruins my entire out look for the interview; therefore, I screw it up. This wouldn't be the case if I entered the interview calm and positive. .
             We can give off the same affect to other people. The saying "Your attitude is bringing me down" applies to this very concept. When I was a little child I had a teacher who had no faith in anyone in the class. She would yell and scream and treat us like crap. This was the year I began to act like deviant in school. A few years later I had a teacher who was kind and care for us, she treated us all specially. That was the year I did really well in school. Which only proves the point; we are affecting by the environment which we are subjected to.

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